Year 3 Chemistry & Biology (not physics)

Surfaces and Interfaces
Lijia LiuWeidong Xu

Surfaces and Interfaces

This course is an advanced course focusing on science that takes place at surfaces and interfaces. Topics include phenomena at liquid-gas interface (surface tension), liquid-solid interface (wetting, electric double layer), gas-solid interface (UHV techniques, molecular adsorption).

Students who are enrolled in this class shall have sufficient knowledge in ONE of the two streams in their previous learning:

(1) Physical Chemistry; (2) Thermodynamics and crystallography.

Teacher: Lijia Liu

Teaching assistant: Weidong Xu

Physical Chemistry
stepan kashtanovLijia LiuPeng-Fei Shen

Physical Chemistry

Second half of Physical Chemistry. Offered in the Fall.

Current content includes: Molecules in motion, kinetics, reaction dynamics, molecular interactions, properties of macromolecules, and solid state materials.